Code Switching: My Distant Dream

Code switching. The ability to seamlessly transition from one language to another without faltering. To some, it’s second nature. To me, it’s still a very distant dream.

Growing up bilingual, I have found it easy to fluently switch between Hindi and English with the snap of a finger. However, as I continue to add more languages to my plate, I’ve realized that fluent code switching isn’t simple, especially with languages of acquisition. I wanted to create this video to practice speaking five languages in one sitting, and to take sometime to challenge myself as a linguist and learner.

The clips in this video are spontaneous and unplanned with little pauses in between, so there will definitely be mistakes; however, if you speak any of my non-native languages, please give me corrections!

(Please select CC for English subtitles.)

2 thoughts on “Code Switching: My Distant Dream

  1. Je suis vraiment impressionnée! Il me semble que tu passes d’une langue à l’autre très facilement et il est clair que tu réussis à penser dans les autres langues.


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