Singing to Learn, Learning to Sing


Music has always been a part of my life. As a student, it’s a way to stay focused while I do my homework. As a teenager, it’s a way to relax. As a language learner, it’s a way to create my own listening immersion environment without leaving my house.

I’ve always thought that music is essential to language learning. When I listen to my Hindi, Arabic, Spanish, French, or Persian tunes, I make it a point to read and look up the lyrics, and of course, attempt to sing along. I’ve seen my pronunciation, vocabulary (slang!), comprehension, and grammar improve immensely, so recently, I tried to do something different. I decided to learn some of my favorite songs from different languages, practice them, and put together a little video of covers! I’m definitely limited by my musical skills, and my lack of fluency in most of these languages (except for Hindi), but I just thought this would be fun! That said, here’s my brave attempt– I apologize in advance if I butchered your favorite song!

2 thoughts on “Singing to Learn, Learning to Sing

  1. Whoa!!! I wish I had even the slightest singing talent as you. Though I do not speak much of the languages, it seems as though your pronunciation is really good. I know my Spanish pronunciation improved a lot when I started to actively listen to Spanish music :).

    Keep up the good work and I can’t wait to follow and read your upcoming blogs!!!


    1. Thanks Inchara!!!! It actually took a lot of courage to make this video since I was really nervous! Yes for sure, I even see my grammar improving due to the music I listen to (especially slang), and some of the vocabulary I’ve picked up has also helped me on Paper One tests!! 😀


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