Video: One Year of Learning Arabic


It’s hard to believe that I started my real Arabic studies a little over a year ago. One year ago, I was counting days until my summer in Jordan. One year ago, I was feverishly reviewing conjugations and basic phrases. One year ago, I was trying hard to perfect my Arabic self-introduction.

When I came back from Jordan, I was worried about language loss. I thought that all the progress I made while abroad would quickly become undone. I didn’t anticipate the fact that I would not only retain everything I gained in Jordan, but would be able continue building upon this foundation.

Although it’s easy to say that I’ve learnt a lot, I wanted to make another video to showcase the past nine months of Arabic studies. Looking back on my earlier attempts at speaking Arabic, I notice that my accent has improved, my sentences are more advanced, and I feel more comfortable speaking the language. I’m still at the beginning of this long and winding road to fluency, but I want to use this as an opportunity to gauge my improvement.

Note: For subtitles, make sure to press CC when watching the video. Also, the subtitles make the content sound more simplistic than it actually is. 😀


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