Another nostalgic reflection about Jordan… except this time it’s been published!

It’s June 29th, 2018. To some, it’s just another day. To me, June 29th is incredibly special. On this day, exactly a year ago, I landed in the Queen Alia Airport in Amman, Jordan, marking the first day of a life-changing stay in Jordan. On June 29th I gained my first glimpses of a new culture, became immersed in a new language, and began a new personal journey. Today, a year later, I want to relive that day in my memory and share a recently published article wherein I reflect on such a formative summer spent in Jordan with NSLI-Y.

The magazine cover mentioning my article as one of the featured pieces
My picture with Ustadha Salam and Ustadha Entesar in the table of contents

A few months ago, I received an exciting email from NSLI-Y’s Alumni Coordinator. The Imagine Magazine by the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth was looking for a NSLI-Y Arabic alum to write an article discussing Arabic immersion on a NSLI-Y summer program. When I was offered the opportunity, I was elated– I had never written for an official print publication before!

Just yesterday, I received a hefty envelope in the mail. The five, beautiful magazine copies enclosed in the manila packaging were truly a sight to behold. The cover, design, and visuals look wonderful, and it’s still hard to believe that my very own writing has been featured! I am so honored to have received this opportunity and I truly hope that my reflection will encourage interested students to look into NSLI-Y and related exchange programs.

The article!

While the article is published in print, they do have PDF versions online, which I have linked below. The theme for this edition is Language and Linguistics, so I would definitely recommend all language enthusiasts to look at the other amazing articles that have been featured; they are truly insightful and inspiring!

My article:

Other articles in this edition:

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