Arabic Video: New Steps in My Language Learning Journey

Before I start, I’ll be honest, I haven’t been consistent with this blog in the past few months. My last two posts were more announcements than actual blogposts, and I neglected writing for quite a while. Do I have an excuse? Depends on how you look at it. In April and May, I was making college visits, reeling with schoolwork, and taking IB exams. Ever since summer has started, however, I’ve been incredibly free, which is such a strange feeling. Aside from mentoring students for my project, Your Future, Their Future, I had no obligations or deadlines. And for a while, updating this blog seemed like a commitment– something that I had to do, even if I was too unmotivated to do it well. I decided to think about what I genuinely wanted to do, and it came down to three main things: sleep, eat, and study Arabic. So that’s what I did.

This week, however, I’ve finally felt a genuine motivation to get back to adding to my blog! I’m recharged and excited, and I have a few ideas for subsequent blogposts. For today, I’ve made a brief Arabic update video, something I last did in September of 2018 (!!), where I talk about my plan for my Arabic studies this summer. Make sure to press CC for subtitles, and if you are a speaker or student of Arabic, please give me feedback, because there are many mistakes, as always!!

2 thoughts on “Arabic Video: New Steps in My Language Learning Journey

  1. It sounds like you speak with so much ease! You have made great progress since you started, especially considering that you do a lot of the learning all on your own. Do you already know who your host family will be in Morocco? Have you been in touch with them?

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    1. Thank you so much for your encouragement! I actually sent the video to Hanane from Meridian, who was my first Arabic “teacher,” and she was so surprised by how much my Arabic has improved! Thank you for suggesting me to work with her two years ago! Unfortunately, we haven’t received any communication from our program since acceptance– I think they’re still busy with the summer students. 😦 Last year they didn’t get host families until two weeks before Pre Departure Orientation, so we have a lot of waiting to do!


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