My first video in Modern Standard Arabic!


A few weeks ago, when I filmed my last Shaami video for a while, I committed to a project of recording monthly Arabic videos to gauge my progress. And so this weekend, I took the plunge and filmed a video to practice speaking in Modern Standard Arabic, or “fus7a,” as it’s called in Arabic.

As I mentioned in my previous post about the struggles and joys of Arabic, it’s really hard to transition from constantly speaking one register of Arabic, to then shifting almost completely to another. Since my studies in Morocco will have a large emphasis on fus7a (and not Shaami), I’ve really been practicing my speaking skills, and it’s been difficult! However, when I look at this video and compare it to my fus7a at the beginning of the summer (where I literally struggled to form sentences when speaking), I do feel like I’ve improved! So, without further ado, here’s me speaking in fus7a after reviewing for the last couple of months. It’s somewhat repetitive, and I definitely made mistakes and spoke in Shaami a few times, so please, please give me feedback (and make sure to hit CC for subtitles)!!

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