And finally… an Arabic video!

I love making unrealistic goals that I never accomplish. Which is exactly why I planned to film an Arabic video every month during my time in Morocco, and ended up not filming a single one, and not even blogging consistently.

However, I’m finally back with a video that’s somewhat of a culmination of the past year, with a focus on the Palestinian-Jordanian dialect and Modern Standard Arabic! I will say, my MSA has definitely gotten weaker since I returned from Morocco in March, but my dialect skills are much better. A lot of that has to do with an awesome virtual class I took on Anti-Blackness in the SWANA Region through the Yalla al-Quds program. I’ve talked about it in the video, but I just want to plug the program again because who doesn’t want a chill, diverse, anti-hierarchical and intellectually stimulating space to practice Arabic and talk through important issues? Oh, and it’s completely free!!

Without further ado, here is the video– I apologize in advance for the awful angles, inconsistent lighting, and of course, the many Arabic mistakes. As you can tell, my Arabic is rusty and I ended up rambling for a while in the video, as I usually do. Anyways, don’t forget to hit CC for subtitles, and please give feedback for improvement! ❤

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