2020, and sounds of rain

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2020. What a year. I started off the year in Rabat with some of my closest friends, and ended it at home in Texas with my family, where I have been for over nine months. 2020 gave me some of my happiest memories, and I was lucky to spend so much time with the people I love most. It also gave me some of my lowest points, from homesickness in Morocco, to the fear of missing out and stresses that come with starting college at home. But this post isn’t really about my memories from 2020 or goals for 2021; it’s about rain, a playlist, and my attempt to sing. 🙂

Winters in Morocco are rainy. In December of 2019, I created my biggest artistic flex: a playlist on Spotify called “Baarishein”, which means “rain” in Hindi/Urdu. An assortment of carefully chosen vibes that fit the theme of rain, “Baarishein” became my companion throughout daily walks through a rainy Rabat. 

In many ways, “Baarishein” is the best personification of my 2020. It’s a blend of smiles, laughter, tears, and reminiscences. It spans across Punjabi heartbreak songs, to soft melodies by Fairuz, to feel-good K-pop tunes. It is a collection of months of home, unfamiliarity, and the spaces in between. Once meant for rainy days, Baarishein has become my staple, from morning walks to late night journaling. 

Fortunately (or unfortunately) winter break means that I have too much time on my hands, and I decided to learn three of the songs from my rain playlist. For me, music is the best way to revisit old memories, and these three songs are a journey into the past year.

I’ve always wanted to practice singing more non-classical Hindi/Urdu/Punjabi songs, so that’s what I’ve been up to during the first few days of 2021. It’s far from perfect, I’ve made plenty of mistakes, and I need a lot more practice, but if there’s one goal I have for 2021, it’s to spend more time doing what I love, even if I’m not good enough at it yet. 

So with that, here is a reflection on 2020 memories via some of my favorite songs! (And yes, I got carried away and decided to dress up and be way too extra.) 

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