Levantine Music and a Linguistic Epiphany

**Caution: This post is for language nerds.** It’s Spring Break, and unlike many breaks, this one has been incredibly busy for me. In addition to seeking out summer opportunities and filling out program applications, I have been planning my very first NSLI-Y Alumni event, an information session about The Language Flagship. All the while, I … Continue reading Levantine Music and a Linguistic Epiphany

New Discoveries, New Explorations: Morocco

Artisans selling colorful wares. Alleys lined with spices. Vendors calling out to pedestrians on the busy street. Flavorful delicacies and sweet mint tea. A chatter of different languages in the air. I’m nearly at the end of my two-week stay in a bright, colorful country. Called by the name of المغرب (Al Maghreb), Maroc, or, … Continue reading New Discoveries, New Explorations: Morocco

Continuing with my Arabic Studies in the States

It’s been seven weeks since I came back to the States from my amazing summer in Jordan. When I first arrived, and was surrounded by English, Hindi, and essentially anything but Arabic, a frantic stress gripped me. Every day, hour, minute I was forgetting words I had spent weeks learning. In Jordan, I was surrounded … Continue reading Continuing with my Arabic Studies in the States