Learning Arabic Online!

I have been extremely busy in the past few weeks, but I decided that I needed to spend more time doing things that I honestly cared about, and that would be important to my life. So, what better way to spend a Saturday morning than by learning Arabic!

Here are some notes that I took:

Singular Subject Pronouns:

هي هو انت انت انا
Hiyya Huwwa Anti Anta Ana
She He You (Feminine) You (masculine) I

Feminine Markers:

In Arabic, as in many languages, words have masculine and feminine genders. Most feminine Arabic words which are not obviously feminine, such as mother and sister, have characteristic endings that indicate their gender.

There are three feminine markers:

Ta Marbuta ة
Alif Maksura ى
Alif/Hamza أ

Examples with Feminine Markers:

Jameela جميلة
Leela ليلى
Hada’ هذاء

Changing the Gender of a Word:

  • Add “Ta Marbuta” (ة) to the end of the word
طبيب طبيبة
Tabib Tabiba
Male Doctor Female Doctor

Sentences with “To Be”:

  • No verb for “to be”
  • Use subject pronoun with noun/adjective
I (feminine) am a hardworking doctor. انا طبيبة مجتهدة.
You (masculine) are a hardworking doctor. انت طبيب مجتهد.
You (feminine) are a hardworking doctor. انت طبيبة مجتهدة.
He is a hardworking doctor. هو طبيب مجتهد.
She is a hardworking doctor. هي طبيبة مجتهدة.

Adjectives (In Masculine Form):

Beautiful Jameel جميل
Big Kabeer كبير
Generous Kareem كريم
Nice Lateef لطيف
Short Qasseer قصير
Hardworking Mujtahid مجتهد
Successful Najah نجح
Active Nasheet نشيط
Fat Sameen شمين

I learnt a lot during my little session, and I can’t wait to learn more! Next week, I hope to document new notes, as well as some information about how/from where I am learning, and some effective tips!

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